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The #belugas here at Georgia Aquarium are an admired favorite of our guests, young and old, and inspire the message of #conservation to each person who sees them. But what about their wild counterparts? We encourage you to learn more about the history of our Beluga Conservation Project and our steadfast commitment to conserving and protecting this magnificent species globally in our latest blog post from David Kimmel, Georgia Aquarium President and Chief Operating Officer:

I want to squish my forehead to a beluga melon like this!! I want to do it so bad!


Look at this cute little guy. This is a Maui dolphin, one of the world’s most endangered cetaceans. There are about 55 of these little guys left. And that depresses and pisses me off.

There is a petition going on that you can sign to let the political parties in New Zealand know of your support of these adorable guys. Please sign! And better yet, share the petition!

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