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They’re Revoltech figures! Oh my….

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These are SOOOO much better than any of the toys I’ve seen in stores so far. I wish they all looked like this and not this:

Teen Mom Rant

I have just watched part of an episode of Teen Mom, the popular show on MTV about teenage girls and how they are dealing with their teen pregnancy and child rearing. Let me start out by saying my friend is young, so hopefully she will age and realize how stupid her dedication to watching Teen Mom is. She has shared this gem of a show with me and I do not like it. I don’t like most of MTV’s programming. I have been meh about it until today. Let’s begin.

I’ve seen the Teen Mom with this said friend before. These girls, in my opinion, are stupid or unfortunate, got pregnant and should not be filmed and put on TV for all of us to watch. Other reality TV shows, like The Osbourne’s, are a little different because these are adults, not teenagers, making the choice to have a film crew invade their home and film their lives. Teenagers, as we all are learning or have figured out, are not the best at making decisions. This is a scientific fact. Some are more rational or wiser than others, but in general, decision making is not a teenage skill. This said, it’s not uncommon for teens to get pregnant, especially in this undereducated Western country. We are bombarded with sex and sexual images on the daily from a young age, but educating teens and preteen about condoms and having safe sex is not something that happens and is practically Taboo. Abstinence kids! Just ignore those hormones rushing through your brain!

The previous episodes of Teen Mom were of average looking children with average looking boy friends with average looking jobs, schools, parents, etc. Some were better at being responsible than others and they were all trying to do what was best for their family as best they knew how. Cool, good job. I would usually critique how stupid the children sound, or at the bad parenting skills, or how so-and-so should dump her boyfriend or whatever. Nothing that got me irate.

Today, I got irate. I met Teen Mom Farrah. I have never heard about her before. I’ve seen tabloids with these poor girls on them but I don’t really pay attention to the magazines in the store. I wish The Sun would come back because Batboy was hilarious. Anyways, so this is a special episode about her. This Kim Kardashian looking female comes on the screen and I learn that she got pregnant as a cheerleader when she was sixteen (16). Whatever, same old story.

THEN I learn she’s been in the spotlight because she got plastic surgery including rhinoplasty, and a boob job. Whatever, chicks get rhinoplasty all the time, and boob jobs are stupidly popular.  Then I learn she’s made a sex tape. I start feeling bad for her daughter. That’s pretty gross. Next thing I see is that she’s made a fleshlight looking masterbator of her vagina and ass. That’s even more disgusting. I don’t like her as a human being now. I’m hoping her mother has taking custody of this poor baby. Unfortunately, no.

The show actually starts and this twenty two (22) year old is being interviewed a bit for the show. They start asking her about the sex tape while her daughter is out of the room playing with some other little kid. She explains that she was just exploring her sexuality and was figuring herself out. This is where I got mad and started yelling at the TV. Then someone asks her how she made the “jump” from sex tapes to making sex toys. Farrah gets upset and seems almost bewildered at the question. She explains that it’s not a jump, it’s just what girls her age do.

I’m almost twenty five (25) and I have never made a sex tape and I have not made sex toys. Boob jobs and sex tapes and fleshlights are not things that I would even consider activities to do.

She does go on to explain that she’s not “normal.” This is a phrase that I do not like either. There are average behaviors and even “normal” behaviors, but no one is “normal”. It just doesn’t exist. Everyone was raised a different way by different people with different ideals and we learn and obtain different ideas and morals and things over our lifetimes that are unique to us. My brother and I who are only a little over a year apart in age see things differently even though we were raised side by side in the same house. “Normal” people do not exist.

Show goes on and we meet Farrah’s mother via Skype. Her father, who lives in her guest home, tries to say hi to his ex wife and Farrah yells at him. I call her out for her being so disrespectful to her father, poor man. I would not want to be in his shoes. I’d be ashamed to be labeled as this disgusting female’s father. Later at the dinner table, the baby asks her mother what tanning is. Farrah tells her some short dumb answer , “like when Mommy goes to get a tan.”. The father tries to add a little more information and starts to talk about the beach. This awful human being interrupts her father and goes “Mommy already gave an answer.” Apparently she doesn’t even call him “dad” and just calls him by his first name.

We then see Farrah going into her in home tanning booth. I start flipping out and actually end up saying “I hope she gets cancer.” which is not a nice thing to say, and I will probably end up getting skin cancer because I am pale as hell and forget my sunblock sometimes. I get mad because these people are ASKING for it! I will never go into a tanning booth, even if I wanted a tan, even if it was possible for my Irish skin. We do not need to crisp our skin! We do not need tanning booths in our homes!

The show continues to seeing how her daughter who is about 5-6 is going to a private teacher and  to dance class and stuff while mom goes to a beautician to talk about her skin aging. Just a reminder, the girls is TWENTY TWO (22)!! What the hell does she need to go to the damn beautician for?! Oh yeah, maybe all the tanning she’s been doing in her home, duh. Farrah gets some sort of Botox injections around her mouth because of the lines she gets when she smiles. Those lines that are always there when anyone smiles. I wished her numbness of the mouth so she talked like the moron she is.

At this point I have to leave because my friend is getting upset that I’m yelling at the TV and she cannot hear, but I was already getting up to leave because I cannot take any more of this stupidity. I let my friend know she’s a bad person for watching this crap and leave, fuming.

I am utterly appalled. I get why people would want to watch this, but it is so upsetting. Comparing her to the other Teen Moms, they are mostly living at home with their own parents or with roommates or something, but this girl has her own mini mansion (with tanning booth) from money that she made making a sex tape and pocket pussies and going to be interviewed about said sex tape and pussy molded toys. She gets grossed out by men who ask her about making other sex tapes and such. Gee, I wonder why they’d be asking her about having sex! Maybe its because they’ve been using a mold of her vagina (similar to ones porn stars make) and want to experience the real thing. There is something very wrong with this picture.

I feel so bad for the child of Farrah. This girl is going to grow up to be teased and ridiculed because children are mean and it is easy to find this sex tape. Also, her mom is pretty easy to spot, especially compared to other children’s mothers. Even if the girl some how escapes bullying, how she is getting raised by this monster of a human being, how she watches her mother talk to grandpa even, is going to lead to something unpleasant. I really hope that it doesn’t happen. I’d love for this little girl to grow up and become a decent human being and denounce her mother’s disgusting ways.


tldr; Farrah from teen mom is a disgusting human being and I feel bad for her child. I am appalled and enraged that she is rewarded with more money and TV time for all of the disgusting things she’s done “for her little family”. I hate how society rewards the stupid. Also, Botox is not for twenty two (22) year olds.

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