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Look at this cute little guy. This is a Maui dolphin, one of the world’s most endangered cetaceans. There are about 55 of these little guys left. And that depresses and pisses me off.

There is a petition going on that you can sign to let the political parties in New Zealand know of your support of these adorable guys. Please sign! And better yet, share the petition!

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c-n-gordon asked:

Hey there! I saw that you asked where you could see the beluga whale on my post and I thought I would tell ya. I went to Seaworld in San Diego and paid to go behind the scenes. The tour I went on (7o dollars) was called "The Wild Arctic Tour." In this tour, one gets to feed and pet both the beluga whale and walrus. There is also another tour (I'm not sure what it's called) there where you can go in the pool with the beluga whale. Just check out the website of Seaworld if you're interested! :D

That is so cool! I live in Florida and bet they have one at Orlando. Belugas are my favorite cetacean and I’d love to pet one :3 Thanks for the info! :3

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